• Take control of your collection

    The Coinnection is a web based coin collection and management software. Track all of your U.S. coins, mint sets, proof sets, commemoratives and much more. All of this for free! Register now and start organizing your collection within minutes.

    coin collecting software
  • Become a part of the community
    We take collecting to the next level. Share your coins and other collectibles with the public, or just with friends. The Coinnection allows for a quick and easy way to share your images around the web on forums, facebook, and any other website.
    coin collecting software
  • U-Grade - Coin peer grading
    Now you can get the opinion of other coin collectors before you decide. The Coinnection includes U-Grade, a peer grading system based on the Sheldon 70 point scale. You can allow your coin to be graded by the other members and you can also grade other members coins.
    coin collecting software
  • Custom Albums
    Easily group your coins into custom albums. These albums can be made public or kept for your private viewing. Members can also create albums from one of our templates. These custom albums are pre-built for your favorite coin series. These can be set to public or private.
    coin collecting software
  • How much is the metal value of your entire collection?
    The Coinnection will also keep you up to date on the intrinsic metal value of your collection. At a quick glance you can see how much silver, gold, platinum, copper, and zinc you have and what it is currently worth in melt value. You can easily add large quantities of bullion or "junk" silver.
    coin collecting software
  • Friends and Messaging
    What kind of "coinmunity" would it be without friends and messaging? Not a very social one. So we implemented an intuitive interface for friends and email style interface for messages.
    coin collecting software

At a Glance

What is The Coinnection?
The Coinnection is a free, web-based coin management software system that allows you manage your entire coin collection. Free members can track their collectible portfolio. Complete with coin image management, running total for melt values, and reporting.
Why use The Coinnection?
Let's face it, most collectors would like to show off their coin photography, collections or latest acquired item. The Coinnection gives you a secure place to do just that.
Join the "coinmunity" and start showing off!
Paid membership allows a collector to share and display their U.S coins, commemoratives, proof / mint sets and much more. Paid members are able to create custom albums, template "Dansco" style albums, beautiful display shelfs, and post and participate in commenting, peer grading, friends and messaging, and much more.
The Coinnection is one-of-a-kind coin collecting software. We understand there are plenty of choices in numismatic software and collection inventory management packages. However, The Coinnection will manage your entire collection and give you running metal values and other great reporting tools, all for free. Please take 5 minutes to watch the video for a detailed tour or view the feature list for complete description of the software.

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